Délégations étrangères

The foreign delegations confirmed so far:

Ministry of Health - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MOH Vision: 

Carrying health conditions or health status of Saudi inhabitants to the best and highest possible level, in terms of justice and equality in providing healthcare, and in terms of effectiveness and the possibility of incurring the financial burden of the treatment and healthcare. In doing so, the MOH takes as its target meeting citizens’ aspirations in this regard, by providing them with high-quality general and specialized health services, and covering all the population with these services.

Creating a sole and exclusive entity to formulate health policies including health insurance services, etc. (such as operating the recently established Health Services Council.)

Adopting a public and national health strategy which focuses of the main morbidity burdens; including non-communicable diseases, nutrition, reproductive health, smoking (tobacco-use), AIDS, traffic accidents, and injuries. 

The system must have an effective and fair method for estimating risks and benefits. 

Working to diversify sources of revenues to finance the system effectively. These sources must include also public revenues and insurance premiums, in addition to the equally allocated costs and taxe

The National Center for Privatization & PPP (NCP)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The National Center for Privatization & PPP (NCP) is responsible for enabling the privatization program: a priority identified as part of realizing the Saudi Vision 2030.

As a world-class center of excellence, NCP provides assistance in formulating regulations, creating privatization frameworks, and preparing government assets and services identified for privatization to ensure quality outcomes.

NCP is developing the privatization pipeline, which includes proposing sectors and government assets and services, that could either be privatized or improved through private sector participations.

NCP is also charged with developing an efficient privatization process the targeted sectors will follow to solicit and engage private sector participation as well as promote opportunities domestically and internationally.

The NCP team includes experts in the areas of legal, financial, advisory, strategy, communication, risk management, marketing, and project management as well as experts in the full spectrum of private sector participation.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Republic of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan (herein after referred as to The Ministry) is the central governmental management organ of management in healthcare and in its activities is subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.

The Ministry accomplishes its work in interaction with other state administration bodies, executive bodies of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions, city of Tashkent and public organizations.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Republic of Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides guidance in the field of public health protection, medical and pharmaceutical science, medical and pharmaceutical education, circulation of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, quality control of medical services, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, control and supervision of compliance with the requirements established by technical regulations and regulatory documents, as well as in the field of food safety at the stage of its implementation.

Ministry of Health and Wellness of the Republic of Mauritius

Republic of Mauritius

The functions of the Ministry are:
To develop a comprehensive health service in order to meet the health needs of the population;
To investigate the influence of physical environment and psychosocial domestic factors on the incidence of human diseases and disability;
To plan and carry out measures for the promotion of health;
To institute and maintain measures for the prevention of diseases including the epidemiological surveillance of important communicable diseases;
To provide facilities for the treatment of diseases, including mental disease by maintenance of hospital and dispensary services;
To make provisions for the rehabilitation of the disabled;
To control the practice of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy;
To provide facilities for the training of Nursing Officers, Midwives, ancillary hospital and laboratory staff and Health Inspectors;
To advise local government authorities regarding their health services and to inspect those services;
To prepare and publish reports and statistical data and other information relating to health;
To implement a Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health Programme; and
To initiate and conduct operational bio-medical health studies of diseases of major importance in the country.​

Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Tunisia

Republic of Tunisia

The main mission of the ministry is to watch over the health of the population in order to allow the harmonious development of its physical and mental faculties and its adaptation to the natural environment and the social environment of the country. Its means include the fight against the causes of deterioration of the physical or mental well-being which can affect it individually or collectively. As such, he develops public health policy for the government , plans it, oversees its implementation and controls its execution in the fields of prevention, care, medicine, narcotics and laboratories and rehabilitation.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection is the central specialized body of public administration that ensures the implementation of governmental policies in the fields of health, labor, social protection and demography.

In its activity, the Ministry is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, by Law no. 136 dated 7 July 2017 on the Government and other normative acts, the decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, by orders and decisions of the Government.

Mission of the Ministry: Elaboration, promotion and implementation of the state policies in the field of health, labor, family, equal opportunities and social protection, in order to ensure a quality and equitable health and social system, accessible to all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The Ministry’s vision: A healthy population with a constant improvement in the quality of life, with a low poverty rate and a minimum risk of social exclusion.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cameroon

Republic of Cameroon

Le renforcement institutionnel, organisationnel et fonctionnel des structures de participation communautaire ; le renforcement institutionnel, organisationnel et fonctionnel des structures de prestations et d’appui communautaire, le pilotage des activités de santé, et bien d’autres encore.

7eme pillier de l’agenda de transformation de notre système de santé, le PSNSC entend mener des activités à travers des sous composantes qui vont renforcer la santé communautaire à travers tous les acteurs de la participation communautaire, de la viabilisation des Districts, et des autres secteurs d’activités rencontrés en communauté.

Cette boussole, permettra d’améliorer les indicateurs de la santé, en particulier ceux de la mère et de l’enfant, ainsi que ceux de santé de la population en général dans toutes les communautés de l’ensemble des Districts de santé au Cameroun, ceci en faisant participer l’individu à ses propres soins primaires.

Ministry of Investment (MISA) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The ongoing transformation of Saudi Arabia under the Vision 2030 plan is unlocking new opportunities at an unprecedented pace. The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia  (MISA) is facilitating access to these opportunities by developing a vibrant cross-government investment ecosystemwhile supporting businesses throughout their investment journey.

Through a network of dynamic business centers across the Kingdom, MISA partners with local and international businesses of all scales and sizes—from startups to blue chip multinationals—to help make investing in the Kingdom as streamlined and simple as possible.

MISA takes a lead role in improving Saudi Arabia’s overall business environment, commissioning multiple market intelligence studies every year and developing local opportunities for joint ventures.

Ethiopian Healthcare Federation

Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Healthcare Federation (EHF) is the largest and strongest umbrella organization of all non-state/private actors in Ethiopia supporting the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) in its interventions.

Established in 2019 following the multiple rounds of the Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) forum organized by FMOH and the World Bank, EHF has 16 members comprising over 25,000 associates actively supporting healthcare in all the 10 regions and two administrative cities of Ethiopia.

EHF is a member of the regional ‘East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF)’ and continental ‘Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) which EHF is a member of the board of directors. It is also presently supporting the FMOH in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenya Healthcare Federation

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) is the Health Sector Board of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). Founded in 2004, the Federation works with care providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurers to promote strategic public-private partnerships toward achieving national access to quality healthcare and is dedicated to engaging the government and all relevant stakeholders in achieving quality healthcare by maximizing the contribution of the private sector.

In addition to influencing public policy, KHF also voices its support and concerns, and provides alternative solutions to issues facing the health sector. So far, the Federation has participated in many policy formation meetings and has actively taken part in the different engagement structures coordinated by KEPSA on any issues raised in regards to health issues. Its membership includes medical associations, professional associations, and corporate members.

Rwanda Healthcare Federation

Kigali, Rwanda

The Rwanda Healthcare Federation (RHF) is the premier private health sector body in Rwanda with an ultimate goal of advocating for the interests of the private health sector and promoting access to affordable, equitable and quality health services. The RHF brings together non-state actors in the healthcare space including but not limited to health professionals’ associations, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs).

In Rwanda their priorities are: 
● Full implementation of the various programs in (improve demand, access, coverage and quality)
● Strengthening the various health system components (strengthen policies, resources and management)
● Strengthening all levels of service delivery (organize the services effectively at all levels)
● Ensuring effective governance of the sector (strengthen decentralization, partnership, coordination, aid effectiveness and financial management)’

American Mission Hospital

Manama, Bahrain

American Mission Hospital is one of the leading health care providers in Gulf/Bahrain since 1903. The first healthcare institution which was originally started in 1896 as a dispensary and later in 1903 built the first-ever hospital in Gulf in Bahrain.

The proposed upcoming branch at A’ali is newest hospital (125 beds) hospital project, named as “King Hamad American Mission Hospital”, which will be a state-of-the-art facility with digitally advanced technology. The design of the Project has done bearing in mind physical, social, and mental wellbeing of target population and incorporating global sustainability and welfare standards fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Umm Al Hassam, Bahrain

KIMSHEALTH is one of the fastest-growing healthcare groups in India and the GCC, aims to provide efficient and accessible healthcare with a focus on patient quality and safety. KIMSHEALTH cares for over 2.5 million local and international patients annually through a chain of 23 multi-specialty hospitals and medical centers in India and the Middle East.

The national and international accreditations of KIMSHEALTH Group demonstrate some of the highest clinical success rates and signify the strict quality and safety standards.

They participate in order to connect with French hospitals, clinics, diagnostic facilities, dialysis centers, pharma companies, rehab centers, medical device manufacturers, consulting firms, etc.

MDM Sarl

Oran, Algeria

Manufacturer of sterile and non sterile medical devices looking to network and develop partnerships with suppliers of raw materials, suppliers of medical devices and mold manufacturing companies.

MedSource Group Ltd.

Nairobi, Kenya

MedSource is a disruptor in the healthcare products supply chain using an online GPO procurement model to provide Access of Quality Medications at an Affordable Price to Patients in the Last Mile.

It is looking for partners to strengthen its footprint in Kenya and its expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Bait al Batterjee Medical Holding

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Batterjee family brought the first modern medicine to this part of the world—in the 1920s, in the early stages of the state’s emergence, Shaikh Abdul Jalil Batterjee instituted the first national pharmacies. The pharmacy business evolved to become an exclusive distributor for international companies for more than two decades. Later, BAB Holding branched out into hospitals, allied healthcare facilities and curative, promotive and preventive health-oriented businesses. 

Bassam Trading Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

BTC has been a leading distributor for major global manufacturers in the Healthcare and  Hospitality industries since 1967, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with offices in Jeddah, Dammam, and Dubai.

In the last 45 years, BTC has solidified its presence in the market by establishing strong relationships with key customers in both the private and public sectors. The company has also managed to serve the greater MENA region through a network of sub-dealers across North Africa and the GCC.

Khaled Juffali Company

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2004, KJC was founded by Khaled Juffali, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading businessmen and entrepreneurs. His strong leadership has supported the development of ventures that have shaped Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and economic growth. Khaled Juffali also serves as the Chairman of E.A. Juffali & Brothers Co. which was established in 1946. He is also the Honorary Consul General of Switzerland in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Khaled Juffali Co. has an underlying focus on the creation & incubation of growth business ventures. KJC is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with operations and investments across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. KJC is involved in various industries including energy and utilities, insurance, healthcare, real estate and construction, and philanthropy.

National Centre for Neurosurgery

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

The National centre for Neurosurgery is one of the leading clinics in Central Asia, providing a full range of neurosurgical services, starting from diagnosis and ending with the rehabilitation of patients with the help of the most modern methods of treatment.

Material and technical base of the Centre is unique for Central Asia and it meets the highest international standards, allowing an accurate diagnosis with the selection of the most appropriate method of treatment in each case.


Building biobank that aimed at storing brain tumor tissues.
Integrating modern evidence-based management practices and theories.

Hospitalization planning methods based on retrospective data on disease and operation types to meet state budgeting goals.

The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement "UPA"

Cairo, Egypt

As a centralized procurement and supply interface, UPA aims to ensure an equitable access of medicinal and health technology products through conducting evidence based technology assessments , strategic value driven procurement methods and establishing a robust and sustainable supply chain.

Royal Commission for AlUla

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) was established to protect and safeguard AlUla, a region of outstanding natural and cultural significance in North-West Saudi Arabia. RCU is embarking on a long-term plan to develop and deliver a sensitive, sustainable transformation of the region, reaffirming it as one of country’s most important archaeological and cultural destinations and preparing it to welcome visitors from around the world. 

Kenya Dental Association

Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Dental Association is the premier dental association in the region that caters to the
welfare of dental practitioners with the role of developing the oral health profession, advocacy
and the highest achievable quality of oral health to Kenyans.

It’s maing objective is to leverage affordable health products and technologies to reduce cost of oral healthcare. 

MD Conseil Medical Supply Ltd

Kigali, Rwanda

CMS is a distribution company based in Rwanda and importing arm of the Pharmacie Conseil chain of pharmacies that exists since 1983. It distributes quality products mainly from Europe in the entire East Africa Region.

It is looking to expand its list of products and finding new partners in France/EU and beyond (Pharmaceuticals, including Medicines, Medical Devices and Equipment, Consumables, Tests and Reagents).

Kazakhstan Medical Council

Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Medical Council» Association of organizations of medical education and science, established in 2019.
Primary tasks:
• Improving the quality of medical education and research;
• Innovative development of healthcare;
• Raising the status of a health worker.
Main areas of activity:
– improving the quality of medical education and health care;
– participation in the development and implementation of concepts, projects, international and national level programs;
– assistance in the implementation of state policy in the field of medical education;
– preparation of recommendations for improving the normative legal acts regulating the activity of healthcare institutions.

Joint cooperation in the scientific field, medical technologies and promotion of medical products in the market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


Tunis, Tunisia

Year of establishment: 1981
Number of employees: 50
Number of own sales and technical: 23
Annual turnover (Figures in millions of USD): 7.1 M$
Main commercialized Brands:
– Medtronic plc
– Zimmer Biomet Inc.
– Integra LifeSciences Inc.



Expending their portfolio in medical devices.


Nigerian Spine Society

Kano, Nigeria

The Nigerian Spine Society is a society made up Orthopaedic and Neurosurgeons that are actively involved in spine surgery.

Relatively new society, they are interested in developing collaborations that will facilitate training of their members, equipment and instrument supply and the opportunity to refer their patients requiring intervention not presently available in their country.

Their vision is to develop spine care in Nigeria to a standard equivalent to current evidence based best practices.

The Pathology Network

Nairobi, Kenya

The Pathology Network is an artificial intelligence-powered digital platform linking small laboratories to specialized facilities for seamless test referrals, ensuring timely diagnosis.



Giza, Egypt

LUNA is a group of companies, one arm os specialised in trading of pharmaceutical and food industry raw materials and packaging materials, and the other arm is manufacturing of FMCG persona care and cosmetics.They look forward to find the right European company interested in co-manufacturing at LUNA new licensed facility for disinfectants to cover Egyptian market and both Africa and the Middle East.

Healthcare Department of the city of Nur-Sultan

Republic of Kazakhstan

The Healthcare Department of the city of Nur-Sultan is the state body of the Republic of Kazakhstan implementing the state policy in the field of healthcare in the territory of the city of Nur-Sultan.

Some of their main priorities are the development and improvement of affordable and high-quality medical care; medical training, the modernization of primary health care; and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.


Sousse, Tunisia

Multidisciplinary clinic in Sousse made of 102 hospitalisation beds, 7 operating theaters, a Cath Lab , Scanner, MRI, Extracorporeal lithotripsy.

* Ongoing projects:

– Accreditation by the INEAS .
– Renewal of the Scanner and the extracorporeal lithotripsy. machines, renewal of the cath Lab installation.

* Future Projects: setting up a multidisciplinary clinic in Monastir.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK)

Nairobi, Kenya

Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya is the professional organization for pharmacist in Kenya. We promote the profession of pharmacy and the impact the profession has on the provision of Effective, Efficient, Quality and Safe pharmaceutical care to all Kenyans.

Mission: To ensure the all Kenyans have access of Effective, Efficient, Quality and Safe pharmaceutical care.

Regenerative Health

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Regenerative Health is the first Saudi company specializing in treatment abroad, providing treatment services in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain in addition to Germany, Britain, and America.

The Regenerative Health team has been chosen with great care, as it is composed of a group of specialists and highly experienced in this field, their primary role is to provide the fastest and best services and guidance that the patient may need before, during his travel and even after his safe return to the homeland.

Saint Joseph Moscati Hospital of Yamoussoukro - Alassane Ouattara University Bouaké

Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

Non-profit charitable hospital established by the International Foundation of Our Lady of Peace and managed by the Camillians Religious.

Its mission is to provide quality curative, preventive and promotional care, financially accessible to all.

There are various specialties including neurosurgery.

Priorities: equipment of the neurosurgery unit; setting up a telemedicine unit for neurology and neurosurgery; setting up a simulation center.


Capital Clinic

Cairo, Egypt

Capital Clinic is a polyclinic and laboratory with french speaking consultants.
The medical attaché is Dr Hany Neamatallah who is a consultant cargiologist in George Pompidou Hopital , Paris. 

Their mai priorities are: 

  • The renovation of the laboratory machines & equipments
  • Creating partnerships with cosmetic suppliers for botox and fillers
  • Updating the physiotherapy machines and techniques

Kasr Al Aini - Cairo university

Cairo, Egypt

The Kasr Al Aini – Cairo university  is the oldest medical school in the Middle East, linked with more than 400 bed hospital.

Their aim is to connect with French Hospitals and clinics offering medical training programs in different specialities, including coronary intervention.

Galaxie Médicale

Alger, Algeria

Galaxie Médicale is a medical device distributor looking to develop collaborations with manufacturers in order to find a new supplier. 

Their main healthcare sectors of interest are: cardiology, surgery, urology.

The Karen Hospital

Nairobi, Kenya

The Karen Hospital is a renowned tier 1, multi specialty hospital operating across 10 branches in Kenya.


  • Building and equipping mid sized hospitals across East Africa
  • Setting up a medical city offering specialized services in the East Africa medical hub (Nairobi)

Euracare Ghana

Accra, Ghana

Private hospital providing diagnostics and medical services in Ghana.


  • Expansion (geography, specialties)
  • Staff training
  • Medical tourism within Sub-saharan Africa

Africa Biosystems LTD

Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Biosystems is a biotechnology company and a provider of life science solutions in forensics, molecular science, marine science, & diagnostics.


Onboard additional OEMS for business expansion


City Polyclinic №.4

Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan

State utility company on the right of economic management City Polyclinic №. 4 has been operating in the capital of Kazakhstan since 2007, recognized as accredited for a period of 3 years in accordance with national accreditation standards.

The list of medical services provided: outpatient – polyclinic, consultative and diagnostic, rehabilitation, city hepatological center, laboratory technology center.

Sarl Lutech

Alger, Algeria

Sarl Lutech is a distributor of ophthalmology equipment, medical optical devices, and occupational medicine instruments.
Representative of Essilor Medical Devices in Algeria.

The priorities of Sarl Lutech are: 

The development and expansion of their range of ophthalmic and optical products.
Finding suppliers in the occupational medicine sector for hearing screening and spermometry.
Finding opportunities for the representation and distribution of other medical equipment.

EURL Harise Med

Alger, Algeria

Harise MED is an organization that started in the production of practitioner uniforms, and given our experience in the medical equipment and device sector, and the demand of our customers, we have extended our activity to the distribution of medical-surgical devices and equipment as well than laboratory.

JSC National Centre for Neurosurgery

Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Centre for Neurosurgery is one of the leading clinics in Central Asia, providing a full range of neurosurgical services, starting from diagnosis and ending with the rehabilitation of patients with the help of the most modern methods of treatment.

The material and technical base of the Centre is unique for Central Asia and it meets the highest international standards, allowing an accurate diagnosis with the selection of the most appropriate method of treatment in each case.

Freight in Time (FiT)

Nairobi, Kenya

Freight in Time (FiT) is one of the leading logistics and supply chain organisations with offices across East Africa. They manage entire supply chains for multiple clients.

They have a presence across 9 countries in the region with their own offices at every airport, port and border point. Their services cover courier, airfreight, seafreight, regional roadfreight, warehousing (including temperature controlled and pharma grade) & last mile delivery.

They have a strong presence in the pharma industry as well with GDP warehousing in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.

They participate with the aim of improving the supply chain solutions across East Africa in the healthcare space – including cold chain and spare part logistics for Medical Devices.

Nasser Pharmacy

Manama, Bahrain

Nasser Pharmacy is a well established group that owns the largest pharmacy chain in Bahrain and is the preferred source for medicines, professional health and beauty aids, derma-cosmetic and luxury skincare.

They are looking to create partnerships with companies from the pharmaceutical sector and derma-cosmetic companies in order to expand their retail pharmacies.


Fawkya hospital for neurology and geriatric rehabilitation hospital

Six October city/ Giza , Egypt

First licensed medical hospital for neurology and geriatric rehabilitation medical services ( neurology,, acute medicine ,,stroke and ventilated care patients ) providing in hospital services plus home care extended service for neurology and geriatric patients.


Improving their home care services by having an international partnership with experience in home care services. 

The French Embassy of Kazahstan

Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazahstan

Embassy Services:

  • Diplomatic Chancellery
  • Defense mission
  • Economic service
  • Cooperation and Cultural Action Service

More foreign delegations to be announced soon!

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